Outdoor treasure at Bocksträsket

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A large part of the nature reserve in the area consists of the mountain Bocksträsket which is located between three lakes. On the mountain grows an old fire affected pine forest. The reserve also includes a smaller sub-area, about 2 km southeast of Bocksträsket. The superb location next Bocksträsk is a hearty fireplace with sun until the evening. The area also has a hunting hut but not for public use. Easily accessible by car, almost the whole way to the barbecue area.

Old pine trees with fire trail

The vegetation in the area is poor because the soil is dry. Here thrive lingonberries. In the east, along the creek between Buck Swamp and Great Grouse Mountain Pond is a small spruce swamp area with densely grown spruce and lower herbs. Several of the older pines in the sanctuary bears traces of two fires, a few pines have also survived three fires. The most recent fire is deemed to have taken place about 150 years ago.

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