Walk and hike in Lycksele's parks and closeby nature

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In Lycksele, we are proud of our beautiful city and close-to-nature environments. In the city center you will find Djupskolavan, a flourishing park with bird life. At Tannens recreation area you will find Långtjärn with a moderate exercise round with seating along the lake.
Skrabbtjärn located just north of the golf course and camping and is a nice little bird pond. Here you can check out rare ducks and grebes from a newly built observation tower.
Korpberget is also one of our nearest natural areas.

Water is always a very valuable feature of the town natural environment from both natural and recreational point of view. In Lycksele town you find the Ume River, some streams and several smaller and larger ponds.

In spite of the regulation, Umeälven has relatively high natural values in central Lycksele, where shallow bottoms favor a rich bird life in the center. It also applies to Skrabbtjärn.
Otherwise most aquatic environments have ordinary natural values but are important recreational areas.

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