Recreation area at the Öre River

Date: Tuesday 22 may 2018 - Saturday 8 Sep 2018 Show map

Öreälven is one of the best examples of a meandering waterway. Meanders-, ravin- and terrace landscapes, strandvall- and drumlin system give Öreälven a very high nature value. The river has a rich insect life and wonderful flora. It is also very interesting for fishing. The land along the river is a valuable farmland.

20km west of Lycksele in the direction to Åsele, you will find a treasure to visit. Here in the area you find a nature camp, nature trails and conservation areas. A large parking lot where you can set the camper for the night is located along the Öre River. Fishing is good in the area and fishing licenses can be purchased at https://www.fiskekort.se/orealven/

This is highly recommended and are you considering an appropriate break along the way, this is an absolute must!

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