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Address: Nolsivägen 100, 924 95 Ammarnäs Date: Tuesday 22 may 2018 - Friday 31 Aug 2018 Show map

Address: Nolsivägen 100, 924 95 Ammarnäs

Join a spectacular riding tours and experience the unrivalled scenery of the mountains from the back of an Icelandic horse. Accommodation in a cabin at Hedebo Gård farm in Ammarnäs, Lapland, is included, where you can also ease away the strains of a day in the saddle in a wood-fired sauna or outdoor bath tub.

Once you have ridden an Icelandic horse you’ll be smitten for life! These brave and lively animals, with their stable and accommodating disposition, are the perfect mountain riding companions. Each creature is a bundle of charm, beloved by all those who come into contact with them. They’ll happily give you a thrilling gallop through open terrain, or simply take a slow steady pace through countryside, leaving you to contemplate the beauty of Mother Nature as a balm to your soul.

You don’t get more of a genuine mountain holiday than a Swedish Lapland Holiday. Families and small groups can stay in a simple cabin and glory in one of the best views in and around Ammarnäs! Other amenities include nearby lake for swimming, simple outdoor cooking facilities with running cold water (only at frost free times of year) and an outdoor toilet. Hedebo Gård has been a holder of the ecological quality mark Naturens Bästa since 2003. The tours are available during six of the reindeer herders’ eight seasons; winter-spring, spring, pre-summer, summer, pre-autumn, autumn.

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