Ammarnäs - mountains Icelandic Horses

Address: Nolsivägen 100, 924 95 Ammarnäs Date: Tuesday 22 may 2018 - Friday 31 Aug 2018 Show map
Directions: From Stockholm: To protect the environment, we recommend the train + coach to Ammarnäs. By train & coach: Take the night train to Umeå, change for the coach to Hemavan/Lycksele. In Lycksele take the coach for Sorsele/Ammarnäs. By flight: Fly to Arvidsjaur with NextJet, then take the coach to Ammarnäs with a change in Sorsele. Attention! Few flights with connecting coaches! By car: Drive via Östersund and then continue the E45 to Sorsele. In Sorsele, follow road 363 to Ammarnäs. Alternative way is to drive via Umeå and then follow way 363 to Sorsele/Ammarnäs.
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